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Kubytech is a company dedicated to development of the systems, web projects, applications, innovative and adaptable technological solutions.

Customized Projects

We offer the projects adapted to your needs, created using the most modern technology, thus providing unlimited and easy to use possibilities at a very competitive price.

Creative Technology

To create high quality products, we put at your disposal innovative and applicative technological solutions, applying creative standards and methodologies.

Creating Innovative and Creative Products

Here is a list of the technologies employed in our projects

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Ideas that Changes Lives

  • Integrated Services and Products, which change the way you see the technologies and help your brand stand out.

    If you want to increase your visibility and go further, just let us know. You´ll be surprised how much we can do for your business.

Web Sites

Making unique Web sites with designs adapted to the new times.


Using the latest in active geopositioning to achieve marketing goals and create unique products.

Mobile Apps

Developing mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms.


Joining all our technologies and products to create stunning projects adapted to your needs.

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We have put together the best of our experience, the best of our talent and these are the results. To reach an excellent design, we perform a full analysis for each project.

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If you have an idea in your mind, contact us and we will help you to make it true.

We create innovative technological solutions customized to fit your needs